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Global business-to-business portal RusMarket is an information & trade web system, which provides universal integration of business information and analytical data of a wide range of commercial and governmental structures. So we consolidate a unique business community, which helps to use all information opportunities of the Internet for your business development in its best way. Global business-to-business portal RusMarket consists of several trade and information services, that help you to support such everyday business activities as: procurement, marketing, receiving of business & economy news as well as analytical reviews and other information for operative and adequate decision-making in rapidly developing business surroundings. With the help of RusMarket, its members have the possibilities to list their company profiles, the information about their products of services, production and financial capabilities and needs; they also have the possibilities to find and appreciate the similar data of other enterprises and organizations. Marketing & sales start from using RusMarketm could communicate directly with potential clients and partners as well as rapidly coordinate terms & conditions of the projected deal or transaction.

The European commodity-raw stock exchange

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Contact person: Gennadiy
Position: The owner
E-mail: etem@list.ru
Phone: +49 (211) 229-19-22
Mobile phone: +49 (163) 659-02-29
Fax: +49 (211) 229-19-20


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LTD ETeM Germany
[Germany, Dusseldorf]
The Germany-Russian-speaking commodity-raw Internet-stock exchange located in Germany.

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